Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bellskandi Swatches and Review

On the blog today I have 4 polishes from Natalie of Bellskandi.

 First up we have Flower Flipping. I love the color and sparkle to this polish. This took 2 coats and dries Matte.

Here is Flower Flipping with top coat.

Next we have Plumberry. This one is a thermal and starts out as a greyish purple and turns to a darker purple. Excuse the red splotchy fingers. Not sure why my camera did that.

This polish did not like me for some reason but I will have another go at it once I'm done being mad at it. I love the color of this polish and I will get it to come out better. This is 1961 which starts as a very pale greenish white and turns to a very pretty minty green. Again excuse the red splotchy fingers.

Last but not least we have my favorite of the bunch. Here is D!ck Ch!c Raver. Yes that's its actual name with the ! included. I love everything about this polish. The name, the color, the glitters. This polish also GLOWS in the dark but of course I could not pick it up on my camera. This is 2 coats over a white undie.

Here is D!ck Ch!c Raver outdoors which better captures the true color.

And because I got bored when I was done editing these pictures here is a fun Kaleidoscope of my swatch of D!ck Ch!c Raver.

Bellskandi also has items other than polishes that she sells in her store, however she does not currently have them available. Below are 2 images taken from her Instagram (With Permission from her) of items she has sold in the past.

I Believe these are custom made but I could be wrong. Arent they just gorgeous creations though.

You can find Bellskandi on Instagram under that name. You can also visit her store. Her store is currently closed but I'm pretty sure she is going to be having a restock soon which you can find out more by following her on Instagram.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

Today's post is a review of imPRESS Press-on Manicure. I thought I was going to love these when I saw them. Boy I was wrong. Good thing the 2 I have were only 99 cents which I will probably giveaway at some point. The ones I'm reviewing today I received in my Influester Spring Vox Box.

I'm not sure if each of these have there own name or not but this one was a very pretty lace design which was one of two things I liked about this product. The other thing I liked was how easy it was to apply.

Excuse my horribly stained nails. This is how they come packaged.

They look nice in the beginning until you do further looking. Again I love the design of them.
Sorry for the picture quality on the second one but it was the best way to capture how they do not fit as well as how they do not sit on your nails right. This actually makes them uncomfortable.
One last shot, showing how they can appear very appealing.

Things I did not like:
  • They are very flimsy and weak
  • Do not sit very flat
  • Do not cover the entire nail
  • Uncomfortable
Things I did like:
  • Easy to apply
  • Nice design

You can find these and more products at their website provided HERE .

***This product was provided by Influester for me to review and try out.***

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nails to Match

I'm thinking about starting a series here on my blog titled Nails to Match. I recreated a design on my nails of my daughters dress and it was so fun I think I will do more. So here is the first in this series.

First up is a shot of my daughters dress. She can wear this thing for days at a time and loves to twirl in it. She calls it her princess dress.

Now onto the nail designs. Items used will be posted below.
What I Used:
Sinful Colors: Why Not
2 Blue acrylic paints
Assorted Rhinestones

Hope you all like it and stay tuned for more in this series. Comment below and tell me if you like the idea of this series and also your thoughts on this mani.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creations By Lynda: Heatwave

I have another polish from Lynda at Creations By Lynda. Today we have Heatwave. Heatwave is from her Bon Temps- Summer Neon Collection. This collection has a total of 10 polishes which range in color from green, pink and blue. It also contains a glitter polish with the other 9 being crellies.

***Note: This polish is not a bright as shown in the picture. I could not get it to show up on my camera at its true color, however, it is a pretty bright neon color.
In all pictures this is 3 coats of Heatwave over Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I love how pretty this looks in person. I would describe it as a peachy orange (which again is not represented in the picture very good.)
Here I paired 1 thin coat of Creations By Lynda's Phoenix Fire color shifting polish over the 3 coats of Heatwave. I loved how it turned out.

You can purchase Heatwave at Creations By Lynda's Store (links below) for $8.50, or you can get the whole Bon Temps Collections for $80.00 for all 10 polishes.

***This polish was sent to me by Lynda for review

Store Link Creations By Lynda
Facebook Creations By Lynda on Facebook