Sunday, July 28, 2013

SinfulShine Swatches

I was sent 3 of the SinfulShine polishes from my amazing nail buddy. At the time I was unable to find these polishes. My Walgreen's of course now has them but I have yet to pick any more up.

First up is Skinny Dipping. This is just 2 coats with no top coat.

Next up is Alfresco. Again only 2 coats. This on is slightly lighter than Skinny Dipping and has some shimmer to it.

The last polish I have is Pragmatic. Only 2 coats and this one has shimmer to it as well.

With all 3 of these polishes they are super shiny but in my opinion they seemed a little thick on application. Overall I really like them though.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Water Marble Wednesday:Collaboration

This weeks Water Marble Wednesday is a collaboration with the amazing Katherine from Rambles of a Polish Addict. We choose to go with doing the flower type water marble. Here are the 2 that I came up with. Im not exactly happy with either of them. Water Marbling seemed to be working against me this week.

Polishes used are Wet N Wild:
Tickled Pink
Bijou Blue

Polishes Used are Sally Hansen:
Coral Reef
Blue Me Away!
Kiwi Bikini

And just because I got bored here is an extra that is off the flower theme.

Polishes Used are Pure Ice:
French Kiss
Fairy Godmother
Home Run

I had so much fun planning out this collaboration with Katherine. Hope to do it again soon.

Make sure to check out Katherine (Rambles Of A Polish Addict) post for our Water Marble Wednesday Collaboration.

Ramble of a Polish Addict Water Marble Wednesday Post 

Thanks Katherine

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paint Splatter Nails

I had so much fun over the weekend with my best friend Heather doing these awesome paint splatter nails. I have no idea why I didn't try this sooner.

Polishes used in this post are all Pure Ice:

Playful Princess
Fairy Godmother

Hope you all enjoy

The final results are definitely worth the mess.

Here are some close ups of the final results.

I also have to add that this was a project that took place at around midnight. Lots of giggling and having fun.

Here is the final product.

Hope you all enjoyed this. I know I did while doing them. Tons of fun. Special thanks to Heather for the extremely fun night we had.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Return of Water Marble Wednesday

I've decided to bring back Water Marble Wednesdays. I'm going to do them a bit different than I did last time. I will post a question twice a week to see if there are any color combo requests. I will also do my own water marbles and do a post like this every Wednesday with multiple water marbles. Hope everyone will have fun and enjoy doing this.

Here is the first Water Marble. You may have seen a sneak peak of this yesterday on either Facebook or Instagram.

Polishes used in this post are all Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.

Polish Used:
Perfect Pear-ing
Kiwi Bikini

 Polish Used:
Virtual Violet
Mellow Yellow

Polish used: 
Blue Me Away!
Breezy Blue
Pacific Blue

Polish Used:
Lacey Lilac
Kiwi Bikini
Berry Juicy

Polish Used:
Blue Me Away!
Lacey Lilac

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Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Jelly Sandwich

Today I have my first Jelly Sandwich to share with you. Ive been swatching my Sinful Colors collection over the last few days and when I swatched Irish Green I had to make a sandwich.

For my Jelly Sandwich I used Sinful Colors Irish Green and Call You Later. Hope you like.

Irish Creme is a much brighter green than my camera would allow to capture. I dont have many Jelly polishes as I've really only learned what they are so this is the one I choose to use for my first Jelly Sandwich.

Here is Irish Creme by itself with 3 coats. Again its a lot brighter in person.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review of Creations By Lynda Polish

Today I have 3 polishes from Creations By Lynda. All 3 of these are gorgeous polishes.

Between all the typing I've done in the last couple days with updating my polish collection and doing these swatches I broke the corner of my pinkie nail :( on my good hand. At least It was able to hang in there to get these swatches done.

I have never seen the play Rent but it is one of my all time favorite movies. I even have most of the songs on my YouTube playlist to listen to while I edit pictures and type up blog post. First polish I have for you is called Bohemia which is inspired by Rent and is part of the The Broadway Glitz Quartet that includes 3 other polishes.

This is one coat over a black polish with a top coat. Bohemia has a clear base with blue, yellow, white, purple, red and probably other colored glitters. There are so many colors to this polish is hard to add them all.

Next up we have Plumbago which is part of the Flower Fantasy Collection, that includes 3 other polishes.

Plumbago is a blue based polish with multiple sizes and shapes of different blue glitters. This is 3 coats by itself with a top coat.

Lastly we have I Sea Spots which is a single polish (not part of a collection).

I Sea Spots is a white crelly base with green, yellow and blue glitters. This is 3 coats by itself with a top coat. I recommend with this polish to use it alone rather than over an undie (hehe that sounds funny). I tried on my thumb over white and in my opinion you get less of the effect of the glitters by layering over white. Remember that is just my opinion though.

These polishes were sent to me by Lynda of Creations By Lynda. Each of these are available in her shop for purchase, links to Creations By Lynda to follow.

Creations By Lynda Store Front
Creations By Lynda on Facebook
You can also find her at The Nail Files By Lynda on Facebook

Hope you all enjoyed these swatches as much as I enjoyed swatching them.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Creations By Lynda Pina Colada Cuticle Oil Review

Today's post is all about an amazing cuticle oil that I received from Lynda at Creations By Lynda. I have to start out by saying this is a super amazing product and its done awesome things for me.

Here is a water marble that I did around the time that I received my Pina Colada Cuticle Oil. Please click the image to get a closer look.

Before I show a swatch from more recent I would like to explain my skin issue. I have certain areas on my hands that absolutely hate me due to my Psoriasis. I get very dry and itchy skin and sometimes little bubbles that will form. The point in which I discovered I had Psoriasis it had messed with my hands so bad that my middle finger (on my swatch hand) was, in the best way I can describe, mangled. It basically ruined my nail and I ended up completely losing my pinky nail on the other hand. I went through months of Doctors telling me it was this and another Doctor telling me it was that. Until finally a nurse cared enough to really figure it out. Everything is, for the most part, okay with my skin. I still have breakouts from time to time but its under control.

Since using this cuticle oil my skin is a lot less dry around the cuticles and I don't have, as I call them, hard skin pockets at the tips of my fingers. And the smell of this cuticle oil is AMAZING. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. If you don't already have a bottle of it, you need to get one. And its affordable. For a 15ML bottle its only $5.

This swatch picture was taken a few days ago. Sorry I didn't have my cuticles pushed back but you can really see the difference in how well it is working for my skin. Please click on the image to get a closer look.

Again, If you don't have this cuticle oil from Creations By Lynda, you really need to get it. Not only does it work great but it smells great. It also comes in several scents such as Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle and even Unscented if you don't care much to smell your cuticle oil.

Creations By Lynda Cuticle Oils are only $5 for a 15ML bottle and can be purchased from the link below.

Creations By Lynda Store Front

This product was sent to me for review