Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 10 | New Years!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas! Are you all ready to start a new year? 2014! Wow a year goes by pretty fast. Here is Day 10 of the Let it Snow Challenge with the theme of...well what else? New Years! Hope you enjoy.

Polish Used:

Sinful Colors-Silver Screen
Sinful Colors-Queen of Beauty
Sinful Colors-Ice Dream
LA Colors-Wired
Pure Ice Super Star
Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica

Tools Used:
Gals Stamping Plates-GA44, GA14, GA40, GA39

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Top 5 Purchases of 2013

This post is going to be a little different than what I've done in the past. This is the first end of the year that I've had since beginning my nail journey, so I've decided to do a Top 5 post. In this post you will see 5 items that I've purchased over the past year that I just love. Now this was not easy nor was it hard. I say its not hard because almost everything I own nail related has been purchased over this past year. So that was the easiest part since I didn't have to figure out if it was bought this year or not. Now the hard part was narrowing down almost 400 polishes. Not to mention nail art tools, glitters, etc. So keep reading to find out what 5 items I choose.

My first item that I choose is Hard Candy's Black Tie Optional. This bottle was actually bought during a no buy. If you've followed me for a while you may remember the story. I was on a month long no buy on a trip to Walmart.  I just so happened to wonder down the nail polish aisle and thats when I saw it. I had already wanted this polish and was about to walk away. This one lonely bottle was staring at me. Every other Hard Candy polish had multiple bottles, but this only had the one. Of course it had to come home with me. So my first official no buy was broke... But worth it.

The 2nd item I choose is Creations By Lynda's Masquerade. As soon as I saw this polish I had to have it. I fell in love with the polish before this and had to have Masquerade because it was similar but not the same. It has red through out the polish where as the above does not. It gives it a whole other dimension to your nails having the red in the polish.

3rd item that I choose is Sinful Colors Pink Icicles. I actually just bought this a few days ago with Christmas money I received. I bought a couple others from the same collection but this one stuck out. I love bar glitter and this has black and pink in it. Who doesn't love black and pink together.

The 4th item I choose is the last of the polishes for this post. Claire's Midnight Express. I used this polish in Galaxy nails not to long ago. It reminds me of outer space...With glitter! I actually got this and a few others on sale at Claire's.

The 5th item I choose is a nail art brush, which actually came in a set of 3 that I ordered at the beginning of the year. This is the only one of the 3 that I use anymore. I plan on getting some newer and better brushes in the next couple of months but for now this is my go to brush for everything.

So there you have it. My top 5 items that I've purchased in 2013. Still cant believe a year has already gone by. You will be seeing a lot more from me in the coming year. I've finally gotten my mojo back and want to do my nails ALL THE TIME. Hope to see you in 2014!

Do you have any favorite purchases from 2013?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 9 | Christmas

A day late and a day after Christmas but here is what I did for the Christmas theme of the Let it Snow Challenge. You'll have to ignore the tip wear. I actually did these on Christmas eve and forgot to take pictures.  Hope you like it.

Polish Used:

Pure Ice-Platinum
Wet N Wild Megalast- Darkside of the Blues
Milani 3D Holographic- HD
Sinful Colors- Dancing Nails
China Glaze- Fairy Dust
Jordana Pop Art- The Stylist
Topped With Glossy Glam by Rica

Acrylics Used:
Flag Red
New Shamrock

Tools Used:

Nail Art Brushes
Dotting Tools

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Let It Snow Challenge | Day 8 | Candy Canes

Day 8 of the Let It Snow Challenge is a bit late but here it is with the theme of Candy Canes. Hope you like it.

Polished Used:
Stardust Polish- I'm Seeing Red
Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica

Acrylic Paints:
New Shamrock

Tools Used:
Nail Art Brushes

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Creations By Lynda | Music on Mars | Swatches and Review

Today's post is probably my biggest post yet. It is also my first full indie collection review. I have for you, Music on Mars collection from Creations By Lynda based on the band 30 Seconds to mars.

First up is Map of the World which is based on the song From Yesterday. This polish is a bluish green jelly with several different sized green glitters. This was actually my favorite before using them and is still my favorite of the bunch. I will eventually be ordering a full sized bottle of this one.

I used 3 coats by itself for the above 2 swatches and topped with top coat.

Next up is No Alibi based on the song Alibi. It is a very soft grey, almost white polish with tiny silver holos. I used 3 coats by itself and topped with top coat.

Facade is the next polish which is based on the song A Beautiful Lie. I forgot to mention that prior to reviewing this collection I was a 30 Seconds to Mars fan and this is my favorite of their songs. Facade is a blue thermal polish which goes from a pale blue to a darker blue. For some reason I wasn't able to get it to change as well as Lynda did, so below you will see my swatches as well as a picture of Lynda's nail wheel swatches on the difference in color. I just don't think my hot and cold was cooperating with me today.

You can somewhat see the thermal of this polish on my pinkie nail here.

Here is Lynda's image of the color change (Used with her permission)

If you go back up and look at the bottle shot I have above you can see that in the bottle the polish is the darker blue due to the cold. After painting it on my nails and getting the warm lighter blue I could not get the cold side to work. I actually burnt my hand going back and forth from cold to hot, not realizing I had actually turned the hot water on full blast.

Next polish I have for you is No Regrets which is based on the song Closer to the Edge. This polish is an almost a copper looking chrome, which shifts anywhere between orange and red. This color is extremely gorgeous and I have nothing like it in my collection.

I used 2 coats and topped with top coat for the above 2 swatches.

Up next is War Child based off the song This is War. War Child is a clear based glitter with green shard glitter and brown hex glitters. I was not very fond of this one before I received it. Seemed christmasy almost. Now that I've swatched it I am totally in love with it.

The above 2 swatches is two coats by itself topped with top coat. Below is the same polish over a green polish.

I nail wheel swatched this polish over several other colors including grey and black and they both looked great. I'm sure there are tons more colors to use this over and have it look amazing.

Unwritten story is based off the song The Story. This polish is a nude with very small hints of shimmer. My daughters actually noticed the shimmer of it and argued that it was in fact a shimmer. This was before swatching. during bottle viewing, straight out of the mail box. They were happy they won and proved me wrong. Although my camera did not capture the shimmer very well, it is there.

Second to last polish I have to show you is Storm of Sins which is based on the song Hurricane. This polish is absolutely gorgeous in the bottle and swatched. Its very nice to look at. It has black and some silver holo glitters.

Here it is with 2 coats alone. Apparently I forgot to get a close up of this one.

Here is the same polish over black. This is another polish that would look great over a ton of different polishes.

The last polish I have is Finished With You based off the song The Kill. This is actually the first 30 Seconds to Mars song I had heard. This polish is amazing. There is so much to it. It has tiny holo glitters which gives it a really nice shimmery look. There is also silver glitters, black hearts, red circles and smaller red and black glitters.

 This polish looks great by itself and looks amazing over other colors.

I love this entire collection. There is so much glitter, no 2 alike polishes and something for everyone. You can view all the songs that these polishes are inspired by on You Tube, which I recommend. They are a great band.

These polishes were sent to me for review. This collection will be available on January 2nd, 2014 and you can find it in Lynda's shop at that time. I will link her shop and page below. Don't forget if you've read any of my other reviews, Lynda's store offers so much more than just polish. So while your waiting for this collection, head on over and see what else she has to offer.

My Top 3 Polishes of this Collection:
Map of the World
Finished with You
No Regrets

What are your favorites of this collection? Will you be heading to Creations By Lynda's store on January 2nd to purchase your own collection?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 7 | Water Marble

I was super excited to see water marble on the Let It Snow Challenge. Not so excited anymore. These were a complete FAIL! I am definitely out of practice with water marbling. I honestly didn't want to post these but I need to. Although there is only one picture. Hope you like.

Polish Used:

Wet N Wild- French White Creme
NYC- Boat Basin
Wet N Wild- Listening to Blue Reed
Wet N Wild- Teal Slowly and see

Blue glitter is a loose glitter

Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 6 | Winter Flowers

I am a little late with this post. This is Day 6 of the Let it snow challenge with the theme of Winter Flowers. I decided to go with Poinsettia's. Hope you like. Please ignore my little boo boo on my finger. With winter being here my Psoriasis is kicking in again. :(

Polished Used:

Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Burgundy Frost
Wet N Wild Wild Shine- Red Red
LA Colors- Seashell
Wet N Wild Fast Dry- The Gold and the Beautiful
Color Concept- Unnamed Gold Glitter
China Glaze- Fairy Dust
Acrylic Paints- Black and New Shamrock 
Topped with Glossy Glam By Rica

Tools Used:

Dotting Tools
Nail Art Brushes

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 5 | Owls

I have never attempted owl nail art and what better way to do it than day 5 of the Let It Snow challenge. Here is my take on owls.

And just because I've been in a "Let's matte almost everything" mood, here are my matte owls.

Excuse the little fuzzy on the yellow owl. No idea how that got there. I dont like the ugly yellow owl anyways. Its like he is sitting and staring at me showing how ugly the colors look. Lol. Not bad for a first try though.

Polishes used:

China Glaze-Fade into Hue (Base color)

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints:

Bimini Blue
Purple Iris
Lilac Mist
Bright Yellow
Honeysuckle Pink

Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica and NYC Matte Me Crazy (Last picture)

Tools Used:

Nail Art Brushes
Dotting Tools

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 4 | Galaxies

We are already up to day 4 of the Let It Snow Challenge. Todays theme is galaxies. This is my 2nd time attempting galaxy nails and I still cant get the hang of it. Altogether though, I really like how they turned out. Hope you like them.

This one accidentally got blurred when I took the picture but I love the way it shows off the true sparkle.

Polishes used:

Pure Ice-Black Out
Revlon-Fuchsia Fever
Revlon-Midnight affair
Wet N Wild-French White Creme
Claire's-Midnight Express (Accent nail)
Hard Candy-Black Tie Optional (Main and Accent nails)
China Glaze-Fairy Dust
Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica

Tools Used:

Makeup Sponge

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 3 | Penguins

Today is day 3 of the Let It Snow challenge with the theme of penguins. I love the way this little guy turned out. As far as the other nail, they were inspired by Breezythenailpolishlover and her recent massive posting of these. LOL. Although I don't think mine turned out as well but a great start for a first time. Onto the penguin.

Polishes used:

Wet N Wild-Teal slowly and See
Wet N Wild-Listening to blue reed
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Breezy blue
Jordana Pop Art-The Stylist
Orange, Black and White Acrylic Paints
 Topped with Glossy Glam by Rica

Tools Used:
Dotting Tools
Nail Art Brushes

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 2 | Gradient

Let It Snow challenge Day 2's theme is gradients. I couldn't decided how to go about this one. Most of my gradients or water marbles in the past have all been summery colors and that's what I like. I tried to go for more of an autumn feel with this but I'm not sure how autumn it really is.I still feel that it ended up to bright for this time of year.

Polishes used in this mani:

L.A. Colors: Shock
Sally Hansen xtreme Wear: Sun Kissed
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Rouge Rebel
Creations By Lynda: Calypso
Topped with NYC Matte Me Crazy

Tools Used:

Makeup sponge

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