Thursday, May 23, 2013

From The Beginning...

A Huge Thanks

First of all I would like to thank each and everyone of my followers. Whether you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, My blog or wherever else. I appreciate all of you. There are also a few of you that I have chatted with about various things and would like to personally thank you. I will being doing thank you/you inspire me posts once a month so keep an eye out for that.

Up first is Brianna aka Breezythenailpolishlover. You have been amazing since the beginning. Your page Breezythenailpolishlover was the very first nail page I liked and you helped me get started. Brianna promoted my page like you would not believe. I would honestly say that the first 50 out of 100 (at the least) of my likes came from her sharing my page. She has also been there just to talk with, like now, facebook restricted my interaction with pages and who am I venting to about it. Thank you Brianna, you are amazing and your nail art is to die for.

The next person I would like to thank is Lynda aka The Nail Files By Lynda. Lynda you have been great to me. She just started her own nail polish line, Creations By Lynda, and took me in as a reviewer knowing that I was/am just starting out in the polish world and at blogging. I look forward to all the polishes you come up with and you've made a huge improvement since the first polishes. I know that I dont know everything about all the types of polishes or even that there were so many different sizes and types of glitter (a couple of you might remember this conversation), but she seems to have faith in what I will post for her. Not to mention all the dumb questions I've asked her. Thank you Lynda, your polishes always come out looking great, even the ones made at 4am.

Last but not least. Katherine aka Rambles Of A Polish Addict. You introduced me to my very first challenge. I saw Disney and I said heck yea, although I failed miserably. I did not complete this challenge but the ones I did complete gave me a whole new perspective on what I can do with my nails. I also want to thank you for trying to help me out with the issues I've had with my camera. I havent figured it out yet but you taught me something about my camera that I did not know. Oh and when I ask a dumb question your always the first person there to answer it. Thanks Katherine 

Where I See Myself...

So I have a dream. LOL. Just kidding but really I would like to be one of those big names in the nail polish community that you can just look at my pictures and know that I did them. I want to be one that nail polish makers look at my nail swatches and say hey shes pretty good, lets send her some of our products to review and see what she does with them. This is NOT AT ALL about getting free stuff. Its about the respect, recognition, and notoriety from company's as a nail blogger/artist. I have a HUGE love for nail polish from the bigger mainstream company's to the smaller Indie company's. I love it all. I'd like everyone to know my name. Wow I just had a Cheers moments. LOL


I have a lot planned for Polished By Audison.

  • Lots of reviews from mainstream collections I have as well as some Indies
  • I'm going to be Re-Swatching my entire collection
  • Tons more water marbles coming up because I just love them
  • A blog post on my daily hand items I use
  • I'd like to possibly do You Tube videos but this is still undecided
  • Nail Features ( There will be details on this in its own page here soon)
  • I would also like to become an indie maker. I have so many collection ideas, names, people in mind to review them, colors and so much more. Just to come up with the funds to do it.
So all of that being said, If you are not following my blog please do so. There are a few companys that I've sent emails to inquiring about reviewing their products and most have a blog follower number you have to be at before they even think about it. One even told me 500. So follow the blog and share to spread the word. Again this is not about the likes or followers. I just want people to know who I am so I can share what I love to do with that many more people. Also I'd like to get more blog followers so that when I get to doing my nail features it wont be pointless to feature nail artist. I would hate to feature some of you and no one see your art.

Thanks everyone who may have made it through this post, which I hope some of you did. I will try not to make to many post like this, but this Is the only way I know how to get out what I'd like to say.


  1. You're amazing, you do some of the best water marbles ever! And if you ever need to vent you know you can come to me! And I'll share your page forever! You're an awesome person, and a great friend!! <3

  2. Aww, I'm so flattered by this, thank you. I'm glad I was able to help you and you are just as valuable to me as any member of my product council. :)

  3. Cameras are just silly and don't like to cooperate. but you're still welcome to ask if you have any questions about yours anytime <3 Aww, too bad you didn't finish the disney challenge, but maybe the next one! But thank you, and I'm glad to have helped in any way I can. And don't feel silly about dumb questions, I don't find any question dumb.