Monday, July 1, 2013

Creations By Lynda Pina Colada Cuticle Oil Review

Today's post is all about an amazing cuticle oil that I received from Lynda at Creations By Lynda. I have to start out by saying this is a super amazing product and its done awesome things for me.

Here is a water marble that I did around the time that I received my Pina Colada Cuticle Oil. Please click the image to get a closer look.

Before I show a swatch from more recent I would like to explain my skin issue. I have certain areas on my hands that absolutely hate me due to my Psoriasis. I get very dry and itchy skin and sometimes little bubbles that will form. The point in which I discovered I had Psoriasis it had messed with my hands so bad that my middle finger (on my swatch hand) was, in the best way I can describe, mangled. It basically ruined my nail and I ended up completely losing my pinky nail on the other hand. I went through months of Doctors telling me it was this and another Doctor telling me it was that. Until finally a nurse cared enough to really figure it out. Everything is, for the most part, okay with my skin. I still have breakouts from time to time but its under control.

Since using this cuticle oil my skin is a lot less dry around the cuticles and I don't have, as I call them, hard skin pockets at the tips of my fingers. And the smell of this cuticle oil is AMAZING. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. If you don't already have a bottle of it, you need to get one. And its affordable. For a 15ML bottle its only $5.

This swatch picture was taken a few days ago. Sorry I didn't have my cuticles pushed back but you can really see the difference in how well it is working for my skin. Please click on the image to get a closer look.

Again, If you don't have this cuticle oil from Creations By Lynda, you really need to get it. Not only does it work great but it smells great. It also comes in several scents such as Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle and even Unscented if you don't care much to smell your cuticle oil.

Creations By Lynda Cuticle Oils are only $5 for a 15ML bottle and can be purchased from the link below.

Creations By Lynda Store Front

This product was sent to me for review

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