Thursday, August 1, 2013

Water Marble Wednesday

Todays Water Marble Wednesday post is a day late so technically its a Thursday post. lol. Anyways, I have 3 water marbles to share today. I think I literally did about 20 different marbles and these 3 were the only ones that turned out. I've had a bad couple of weeks with marbling. Hopefully next week will be better. Check out the bottom of this post to find out whats up for next weeks post. Its going to be a pretty good one and kinda special to me.

You may have noticed by now that most of my marbles use a lot of Pure Ice and Sally Hansen polishes. Out of the polish brands that I own, these seem to work perfect. Eventually I will try others and see what else works but for now, why change what works. Right? Now onto this weeks marbles.

Polishes used are Pure Ice:
Belle of the Ball
Wild Thing
Playful Princess

I think my pictures have improved lately but every once in a while I get ones like this that have a redish tint to them and I'm not sure how to fix that. Any suggestions?

Polishes Used are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear:
Mellow Yellow
Blue Me Away!

Polishes Used are Pure Ice:
Playful Princess
Flirt Alert
Wild Thing

Next Weeks Water Marble Wednesday Post:

Next weeks post is going to be titled, The girls behind the name. Find out what Polished By Audison really means, meet the girls behind the name. Also each water marble posted next week will be their color combos. I'm super excited for next weeks post.

If anyone is interested in doing a water marble Wednesday collaboration or just want to give your color combo suggestions please check out my Facebook Page and either post to my wall or send me a private message.


  1. These are super pretty! especially love the second color combo.

    For the pictures, for me when they come out with a red tint, I add a slight blue filter in photoshop when editing and just play around until you like the way it looks. Or if you notice it while shooting the pics and you can find it, use the I believe it's the white balance settings and change it to tungsten. It adds a slight blue tint to the pictures so the extra cool tone will take away that extra warm orange/red tone :) You might just have to play too, that just what i've figured out works for me

    1. Thanks for the tips Katherine, I will give them a try