Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Zombie Halloween Inspired Water Marble

Here is the first of many Halloween inspired water marble/nail art. This one reminds me of zombies, disease...Better yet, have you seen the movie Chernobyl Diaries. Lets cross that with The Walking Dead. This SUNDAY is the premiere of The Walking Dead. Who else is with me with excitement!!! Anyways, On to the nails.

I used colors that were suggested by Katherine over at Rambles of a Polish Addict. She gave me quite a few colors but I was having trouble with them drying so I chose a few. I went with green, red and black. I did have a little frustration with these. The middle 2 nails were done 3 days before the other two, and the color difference kinda upset me.

Polishes used:
Pure Ice- Black Out
Wet N Wild Wild Shine-Stand the test of lime (Pop Art Collection)
Wet N Wild-Red Red
Black acrylic paint
Glossy Glam Top Coat

I hope you've enjoyed these and stay tuned for more Halloween water marble and nail art.

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See you next time!!!!


  1. Your colors are so perfect for your zombie watermarble :) I am super excited for the Walking Dead premiere as well!

  2. They look awesome!
    And I wish I could be excited about Walking Dead, but the show just bores me to death sadly. There needs to be more zombies and blood and grossness and less people talking and arguing about zombies.

  3. These are amazing, I love the colors!