Monday, March 3, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review | Stamper and Sequins

I was sent a few items from Born Pretty Store to review. I have a stamper/scraper set and some glitter sequins to show you.

First up I'm going to show you the stamper/scraper set. I am extremely impressed with this stamper. The stamper itself is so squishy and works 100 times better than my old one. I will definitely be using this one from now on. It is double sided with a larger stamper on one side and a smaller stamper on the other. The scraper is just as good. I finally have an all plastic scraper that will not damage my plates.

The only downside to the squishy-ness is you get dust and hair and everything else attaching to it. Nothing a cotton ball and some polish remover cant help with though. I just wiped it before each use.

Below you will see the difference the scraper makes. I used to get so mad after seeing all the scratches on my plates. Not Anymore!

Scratching caused by old scraper

Here you can see no scratching.

 Now for some stamping. I want to point out that I LOVE the idea of stamping but hated stamping. I just could never get it to work. I found my problem after trying this. It was the stamper, Not me!

It picks up the entire image smoothy and transfers great. Expect to see more stamping from me coming up.

Now for some sequin glittery goodness.

I have never used these before so I cant exactly compare them to anything but I can say it extremly fun to use these. There are so many different things you can do with them. I was half expecting the shine to go away after applying top coat, but as you can see...They still shine! I love these. I will be using them more coming up.

I've got one more item from Born Pretty Store to review, but I'm going to leave that for another post. I have a 3 piece brush set to show you next time. Until then you can check out Born Pretty Store by using any of the links below.

You can find the stamper set at this link---> Double Sided Stamper Set 
Here you can find the Glitter Sequins---> Shiny Glequins

I also received a 10% off coupon code for all my readers. Sponsored giveaway if 10 people use this code! KHX31. Click on the link above and enter code at checkout.


  1. Hi!! Great review! One thing I suggest is not to use cotton ball or acetone since it will ruin your stamper. When I first had a squishy stamper I used acetone and it got damaged. So now I'm using tape or a lint roller it's way better :)

    1. I used non acetone remover. Should have mentioned that. I'll try out the tape. Thanks for the suggestion :)