Monday, March 31, 2014

Comic book nails/Born Pretty Store Review

Today I have a 2 in 1 post. Comic book style nail art and a review of born pretty store brushes I received for review. You can find the review for the stamper set and glequins that I did HERE.

Here's what I used for today's nail art

Lets start with the brushes from Born Pretty Store. I had ordered brushes from Winstonia and received those at the same time as the ones to review from Born Pretty Store. The only difference I found in the 2 sets is the bigger brush of the 3. The Born Pretty Store brush is a bit bigger and thicker than the ones I had ordered from Winstonia. Other than that the Born Pretty Store brushes are a really good quality and worked well for the nail art I wanted to achieve today. 

These are the 2 that I used in today's nail art

After cleaning the brushes in between each color they bounced right back as if I had just opened them. I love how thin and pointed the tips are and the handles are pretty sturdy and not wobbly. I had an issue with a set of brushes I had ordered about a year ago where as soon as I took the little plastic piece off the tip of the brush it had popped off from the handle. No issues with that here.

Close up of the 2 brushes

Overall I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone. Now onto the nail art that these brushes helped create. I also want to point out that I have never made such small and straight lines with other brushes I've had.

Had to pose with the brushes used

Items used for today's post

Duri Rejovacote
China Glaze-White on White
China Glaze- Pool Party
Nail Tek Quicken (Used in between layers)
Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat
Black, White, and yellow acrylic paints
Dotting tools
00 and 000 brush from Born Pretty Store

You can find the brushes from this post by visiting the Born Pretty Store Website or a direct link to the brushes are here. 3 Pc Brush Set

Also dont forget that I have a 10% discount code that you can use when you checkout at the Born Pretty Store. After 10 uses of this code we can have a sponsored giveaway from the Born Pretty Store.

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