Monday, August 4, 2014

Walmart Haul [LA Colors & Acrylic Paint]

It's been a good while since I've blogged and I'm so happy to be back to it. This post is about my recent Walmart haul. I believe this is my biggest haul from Walmart to date. I cant wait to start using all of these colors. Lets get into it.

Here is everything I got. The acrylic paints were 50 cents each. You can also find them on Amazon. The LA Colors were 98 cents each or 5 for $5. I've also found them at Family Dollar, Dollar General and on Below is a breakdown of colors that I got. I'll start with the polishes.

From left to right:
-Electra (yes it is that bright)
-Sea Siren

-Moody Red
-Rapid Dry
-Art Deco Bright Orange (much brighter in person)

I'll have swatches of all of these coming very soon!

Now onto the Acrylic Paints. I absolutely love using acrylic paint for nail art. I am an avid Robin Moses video watcher (yes watcher!), and when I learned that she uses acrylic paint for most of her nail art, I jumped on bored and now I am just as obsessed with paint as I am polish. You can see the names on the bottles, but I'll add them just in case.

From left to right:
-Antique White
-Cameo Pink

-Harvest Orange
-Blue Bonnet
-Velvet Crush
-Mosaic Blue (Almost reminds me of SH Pacific Blue)

-Tropic Orange
-Pink Eraser
-Lime Sherbert

-Pale Daffodil
-Wild Iris
-Lime Tree
-Granite Gray

Stay tuned for nail art using these. Also I'll have swatches of the LA Colors coming soon.


  1. is 98 cents each or 5 for $ would be cheaper to buy them 4 at a time then lol. I have never heard of a deal like that where it was more expensive than buying single items lol.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The store tag said 98 cents but the LA Colors display box had a 5 for $5 image on it. I basically just went through the boxes and grabbed all the ones I did not have.