Sunday, December 7, 2014

12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art Challenge | Day 4 | Santa and Elves | 100th Post

Yippeeeeee! Did you read the title? Did you read it all the way through? Yup you read right! Its my 100th blog post. I cant believe it either. I am a horrible writer so I never imagined I would make it to 10 post let alone 100 posts. Anyways, the reason you are here.

It is day 4 of the Challenge Your Nail Art groups 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge. Today's theme is Santa and/or Elves. Of course I went all out and did them both. My Aunt posted a Santa minion nail art tutorial to me on Facebook a few days ago and I decided that was what I would do. So everyone say thanks to my Aunt for these. Oh and I want to mention that I had a snag on my index finger and forgot before I washed my hair and it snapped so I had to cut them down some.

Items Used:

Pure Ice - Vintage Glam
LA Colors - Live
Green, Red, Black, and White Acrylic Paints
LA Colors Rapid Dry

Oh how I love these little guys. I was sad to take them off. Well I hope you enjoyed my Santa and Elf minions along with my 100th post. Take a look at whats coming up next.


  1. The Santa minions are super cute! And congratulations on your hundredth post!

  2. Love this, all the minions are so cute. :) Congrats on #100!

  3. Love these christmas minions :)

  4. Yay for minions! I did minion santa's too! Yours turned out so goooood!

  5. Adorable!! These guys are so cool!!!