Monday, January 20, 2014

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 16 | Dots

Todays post is Day 16 of the Let It Snow Challenge. The theme was Dots. I'm super happy with how these turned out. Hope you like them.

Polishes Used:

Wet N Wild Wild Shine: French White Creme
Wet N Wild Wild Shine: Teal Slowly and See
Wet n Wild Wild Shine: Listening to Blue Reed
New York Color (NYC): Boat Basin
No Top Coat

Tools Used:
Dotting Tools

You may have noticed I did NOT use a top coat. I luckily took pictures before top coat. I let these dry for over an hour, put top coat and of course they smeared. Anyone have any suggestion on not getting the smear. 

Check out what others did by using the links below.


  1. use a rather large bead of top coat on the brush, don't put too much pressure on the brush, use a SUPER light touch. Or you know, use acrylic paint and the problems solved lol.

  2. I have heard that sponging top coat on works....I can't say for sure...never tried it myself. =/

    1. I forgot to add....once the sponged on top coat dries brush on another coat.