Monday, January 27, 2014

Let It Snow Challenge | Day 18 | Tribal | With Tutorial

Today's Let It Snow challenge post is tribal. This was my first attempt at tribal nail art and I went a little simple. I also did a tutorial on how I did this tribal art. I will add what polishes I used at the end of the post. Hope you like.

Start of with a base coat to protect your nails.

Paint your base color and let that dry.

With a gold polish (or color of your choice) and a nail art brush, make two lines down the center of your nail and fill that in.

Take a black striping polish or black acrylic paint and a striping brush and make diagonal line down the center of your gold stripe.

Using a dotting tool or a toothpick, make a dot in between each triangle you just created.

Again, with your black striping polish or acrylic paint and striping brush, make a black line on either side of the gold polish.

Clean up if needed and apply a top coat and your finished!

 Polishes Used:

Fingerpaints- You Yacht To Know Better
Pure Ice- Get Low
Topped with Nail Tek Quicken

Black acrylic paint

Tools Used:
Nail art brush
Dotting Tool

If you decide to create this design feel free to share it with me on my Facebook Page.

See what others did for their tribal design by following the links below.

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  1. Super cute. I like yours the best out of the 3. =)