Friday, October 31, 2014

13 days of Halloween | Nightmare Before Christmas

Sadly it is the last day of the 13 days of Halloween. My obsession with nail polish and nail art began 2 years ago today when I saw somewhere online that you could paint Jack Skellington on your nails. Who would have thought, Right? I had to try it out. I had about 4 bottles of nail polish and 2 striping polishes at the time. I wont scare you at the beginning of this post with a throwback picture of that failed attempt at nail art, however, I will post it at the end. I will also mention that at that time I had just found out that I had Psyriosis which had severely affected my skin especially parts of my hands. So when It comes to the last picture of this post, please excuse my skin. So lets get into day 13 with some Nightmare Before Christmas nail art.
You'll have to excuse the Sally pattern. I had taken pictures shortly before going to bed and when I had woken up the next day to start editing the pictures, they were gone. So over night Sally had gotten a little squished. :(

Items Used:

China Glaze - White on White
ELF - Dark Navy
LA Colors Rapid Dry

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints:

Mosaic Blue
Pink Eraser
Bright Yellow

Now for the throwback. Please remember these were two years ago when I had NO IDEA what I was doing and looking back still have NO IDEA what I was going for. At the time I thought they were the greatest things since sliced bread. Boy was I wrong!

Looking back at this picture I would have never thought that 2 years later I would go from 4 nail polishes to over 700 nail polishes and still be doing this. You can definitely see the improvement. If I only knew then what I know now :).

Well that's it for the 13 days of Halloween series for 2014. I've had so much fun that I plan on doing it again next year. Hope you all enjoyed. Have a great and safe Halloween!

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